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About Us


After many years of traveling and showing her artwork at juried art shows and galleries, Jann and her husband, Gene Peitso, settled into their own “wee, small gallery” in Gatlinburg, TN.

Jann’s own roots lie deeply in the ruddy soil of Georgia but her heart embraces Tennessee.
Living in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she and her husband meander and hike through this great gift to all of us. Jann can tell you where in the park many of her ideas for paintings originate and where, if you visit at just the right time and if the light bounces off the water at just the right angle, you, too, may experience the same magical moment. In addition to her “loose and juicy” paintings, Jann introduces you to other aspects of her art.

Utilizing the more tightly-controlled abilities of watercolor and smaller brushes, she paints colorful characters known as “Gussie Mae” and “Bootsie” and pens original quotes for each. She reminisces with you, through her work, of those places you hold close to your heart, your home state and college town. Then honoring the quilters of the past and present, Jann paints their patterns on large canvasses or on various watercolor papers.

Jann offers much of her artwork as originals and reproductions. She has been fortunate in having her work licensed as cross stitch patterns, note cards, gift items, calendars and clothing.

If you would like to ask Jann a question, please email her at ajannart@aol.com.

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